Besides Donald Trump, other big names like Virgin Airlines, Bank of England and even the United Nations have embraced Feng Shui. Suntec City and Ngee Ann City in Singapore are also examples of applications of this ancient methodology. What is actually Feng Shui? What are the advantages of this ancient Chinese metaphysical science? How can one benefit from it?

Feng Shui literally means Wind and Water. The wind will carry the energies or Qi from different directions and the water is the medium to slow down the wind and hold the energies or Qi.

Feng Shui is an art of placement. In the environment, there are positive (auspicious) energies or Qi and negative ones (Sha Qi). With the application of this ancient Chinese science, we can position our main door, stove, bed, study desk, sofa and other furniture in a favourable sector or to face an auspicious direction.

Feng Shui is an art of living in harmony with the physical environment. The cyclical cosmic energies from the Heaven () and Earth () are in constant interaction with that of Man (). It is important that our residential and commercial premises are in harmonious co-existence with these energies.

Feng Shui is neither a religion nor superstition. It is an ancient Chinese metaphysical science. The knowledge of Feng Shui is employed to correct Sha Qi and enhance or improve the positive energies.
The benefits of Feng Shui are aplenty. Residential or commercial premises with good Feng Shui attributes will benefit the occupants in terms of health, wealth, harmonious relationships and successful business or career.

Although it is crucial for one to continue to work hard and do charity, we must also not neglect the subtle yet powerful effects of Feng Shui. It is common for us to hear that someone has been working so hard and yet he does not get what he deserves. Bad Feng Shui could be the start to a series of misfortunes. Good Feng Shui is the gateway to healthy living, better relationships and successful career achievements.

Feng Shui can indeed enhance our quality of life, ensure our harmonious living and beget prosperity. Feng Shui works for Donald Trump and it will work for you too. Do not let bad Feng Shui bring you misfortunes or cause you to miss golden lifetime opportunities. Your gateway to better Feng Shui and better living is just a click away.

At CHANG Consultancy, our Principal Consultant, Mr. Lim Eng Cheong, has mastered the art of introducing Feng Shui in a subtle and contemporary way. CHANG Consultancy shows you how you can enjoy a contemporary living and reap the benefits of Feng Shui subtly.

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