For Residential or Commercial Premise
Flying Star of Feng Shui (玄空飞星), Eight Mansion Feng Shui (八宅风水), Qi Men Dun Jia (奇门遁甲) & Ba Zi (八字) Analysis

To activate good energies in auspicious sectors, to reduce adverse effects of negative energies ("Sha Qi") etc. Advice on better orientation of main door, stove, bed, etc. Recommendations on placement of study desk (文昌) and improvements to health, wealth etc. Determine your lucky directions, colours etc.

What You Need to Provide:

For Residential Feng Shui
Type of Property & Age of Property
Date & Time of Birth of All Occupants
Floor Plan of House/Apartment
For Commercial Feng Shui
Type of Property & Age of Property
Location / Address
Nature of Business
Date & Time of Birth of Owner(s) / Key Partner(s)
Floor Plan of Premises
Procedures :
Call/Contact us to make an appointment.
On-site measurement & study of your premise’s internal layout and external environment by our Feng Shui Master, Master Lim Eng Cheong. One-to-one consultation to review your full audit report.
3. A copy of the detailed audit report will be provided for you.
No. of Appointments: TWO appointments with Master Lim
To make an appointment, please call 6775 1638 or email: , or send an online request.

"Price for Feng Shui Audit"
Price for Feng Shui Audit